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DIY task trainers: ultrasound guided procedures simulation

Make your own homemade task trainer to practice ultrasound guided procedures using everyday household items and ingredients.

Vessel access

Tofu + straws

Ballistics gel + latex tubing

Nerve block

Pork loin + CAT5 cable

Foreign bodies

Boneless chicken breast + any foreign body (e.g. metal, toothpick, small rock)
1. Use scalpel to make small incision in chicken breast
2. Insert item into chicken breast
3. Wrap chicken breast in saran wrap (you do not need gel between the chicken and saran wrap if it is wrapped tightly, but you will need gel on the outside)


Boneless chicken breast + small latex balloon + Metamucil
1. Scoop 2 tsp Metamucil into balloon (must be small latex balloon; regular size is too large)
2. Fill balloon with water to the very top (all air must be out of balloon)
3. Tie off balloon (do not let any air in)
4. Insert balloon into ‘fold’ of chicken breast
5. Wrap chicken breast with saran wrap tightly (no gel needed between chicken and saran wrap)

Lumbar puncture

Home-made LP task trainer

Pleural effusion

Thoracic phantom